John Lilic, Director of Enterprise Operations, Consensys, USA
Director of Enterprise Operations

On the for profit side, John is dedicated to delivering solutions that enable companies across industries and geographies to benefit from simplified technology landscapes, integrated processes, streamlined operations and improved agility and performance the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem delivers. John holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics, Development Economics and International Economics from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and is also currently a candidate for a Masters of Science (MSc) at Hariot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland in the field of Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation with a focus on renewable energy technologies, electrical power systems, distributed generation, demand management and storage. John is also currently serving as Director for Business Technology Development, Strategy and Operations at ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum blockchain software development group in the World where John and his team focus on enterprise services and interactions with many Fortune 500 organizations as they embark on their Ethereum discovery process. Partners include Microsoft, Deloitte, RWE, RedHat and The Dubai Government among others. Prior to ConsenSys, John was focused on distributed energy resource development at his role with LO3 Energy, a New York City start up, where John worked on developing the Brooklyn Microgrid, the TransActive Grid and Project Exergy. 

On the non profit side, John is the co-founder of Code to Inspire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to educating female students in Afghanistan and improving their technical literacy by teaching them how to code and helping them find employment as programmers. Code to Inspire recently partnered with Google, PwC and Github to continue its efforts and expand educational services in Herat, Afghanistan.