Dear Partners,

Asia’s IoT industry is no longer nascent, in fact it is highly-competitive and the region is expected be a key driver of global IoT growth in the next 5 years according to industry analysts.

As the world looks to Asia for sustainable economic growth, technology companies see Asia as the solution to grow their business, expand their networks and explore the pockets of the market where they see the most attractive investment opportunities right now.

IoT Asia’s aim is to provide a neutral platform for technology influencers to discuss the latest trends and challenges within the industry. We understand that in order for the global IoT ecosystem to flourish and thrive, platforms have to be created to drive collaboration and strategic partnerships among various stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation initiative Singapore, has been our Guest of Honour for the past 3 consecutive years and he uses the IoT Asia platform to announce government related plans or policies under the Technology / Smart Nation directives.

Building on the success of our IoT Asia series, we are now extending our involvement in this space, addressing IoT-related challenges and identify real-world opportunities to drive Asia’s connectivity agenda. IoT Asia has earned worldwide recognition through our successes at a wide range of global and local competitions as a widely acclaimed event in the industry. It was awarded:

  • UFI Marketing Award in 2016
  • People's Choice Silver Awards for Event of the Year in Postscapes 2015/2016 IoT Awards
  • Trade Conference Organiser of the Year for IoT Asia 2014 at Singapore Experience Awards 2015
  • The only Asian finalist for the Event of the Year category in Postscapes 2014/2015

Thank you for supporting IoT Asia 2018! The event returns on 27 to 28 March 2019 at Singapore EXPO. See you next year!

The IoT Asia team