Industrial IoT


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BeeBryte is leveraging artificial intelligence to get commercial buildings, factories, EV charging stations or entire eco-suburbs to consume electricity in a smarter, more efficient and cheaper way while reducing their carbon footprint!

Our software-as-a-service is minimizing utility bills with automatic control of heating-cooling equipment (e.g. HVAC), pumps, EV charging points and/or batteries. We even take into account any solar energy to maximize self-consumption.

Based on weather forecast, occupancy/usage and energy price signals, BeeBryte maintains processes & temperature within an operating range set by the customer and generates up to 40% savings.

Addressing the European and Singaporean, BeeBryte has been generating savings for more than 20 clients across industries like Food & Beverage and Logistics and leveraging value for solar projects developers and public institutions.

The technology combines a patented real-time optimization technique, proprietary trading algorithms, cloud computing and predictive analytics to offer dynamic energy services fully integrated to the Internet of Things.