Industrial IoT Smart City

OMA-Lighting Co., Ltd.

Booth No: C22

OMA prides itself in providing high quality lighting solutions. Our experience in the UK public lighting dates back to 2009 and today, we are one of the key suppliers in the market. To us, luminaires are more than technical excellence, efficiency and aesthetics, it is the perfect hub for smart green cities, giving city authority a platform to provide user-centric solutions that benefit its inhabitants.

Industrial IoT Smart City

Omnicam Technologies Pte Ltd

Booth No: A03

Omnicam develops wattSense™ energy monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for commercial/industrial customers and to a lesser extent, residential customers. Since its establishment in 2003, the company had been focusing on innovative products such as cameras, speech processing, deep learning algorithm, analytics, etc. Its latest offering encompasses hardware, cloud services and user apps to enable customer full customization and control over their properties.

Omnicam is partnering with Calumino, who is demonstrating their Eve Care IoT system and Eve Sense technology. Using the latest innovation of privacy-respecting IoT sensors and AI to provide a new layer of quality of care.

Industrial IoT Smart City

Otto Solutions Pte Ltd

Booth No: B07

OTTO Solutions was established in Singapore, 1992, as a lighting, electrical and design company, providing solutions for architectural, commercial and industrial projects.
With over two decades of experience and BCA Grade L4, we have since transformed into an entity specializing in smart solutions. We provide cutting edge smart solutions in the field of lighting, security and smart building management for verticals such as retail, buildings, hotels and offices.
To provide customers with a delightful experience, we fuse our expertise in lighting, electrical, automation, design and smart solutions into a comprehensive solution.
Our mission is to co-create the future with innovative solutions.