About IoT Asia+ 

The evolving consumerism of technology drives a major shift of priorities, creating the need to bring  different capabilities into one ecosystem. With the convergence of technologies, IoT sees a need for more  collaborative and fluid approve in the design and planning of products and services in the near future In 2022, IoT Asia+ expects a greater focus on Healthcare, Retail, Transport& Logistics, Real Estate and  more. With the combined expertise of Constellar and Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA), IoT Asia+ is created to converge communities, ignite changes and transform businesses.


About Constellar

Constellar connects a global eco-system of event partners and consumers through a holistic portfolio of intellectual property (IP) in the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) industry.

As Asia's partner of reference for curating innovative event and venue experiences, Constellar activates impactful networks to bring global markets, businesses and consumers together for sustainable growth. With our expertise and dedication, we are invested in helping you build trusted relationships with stakeholders for the long term and enabling cross-industry collaboration through world-class audience engagement solutions.

Constellar is headquartered in Singapore. Founded in 2021, it brings together decades of experience with an intrepid team of experience specialists around the world. Visit www.constellar.co for more information


About Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA)

Incorporated since 1982, SIAA is a professional association for companies and professionals in the Automation, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Robotics sectors. To date, SIAA has about 500 active member companies and professionals, representing different industry verticals such as smart cities, buildings, logistics, retail, transportation, tourism, healthcare, and manufacturing.