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Dr Vivian Balakrishnan

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation Initiative

Dr Balakrishnan has overseen various initiatives to use technology to improve public service delivery such as the installation of water-level sensors which tweet localised notifications to the public during his leadership at the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. He has a keen interest in technology and actively codes and builds gadgets in his spare time.

He studied Medicine at the National University of Singapore (NUS) after being awarded the President’s Scholarship in 1980 and specialised in ophthalmology after graduation. He was appointed Associate Professor of NUS and Deputy Director of Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) in 1997. In 1999, he became the Medical Director of SNEC before being appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore General Hospital in 2000.

Dr Balakrishnan has been a Member of Parliament since 2001 and previously held appointments as the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Second Minister for Trade and Industry, Minister responsible for Entrepreneurship, Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, and Minister of State for National Development.

He will be delivering the opening address at the Opening Ceremony on 27 Mar at Singapore EXPO, Hall 1. The ceremony is open to all conference delegates.


Christopher Lee Marshall

Dr Christopher Lee Marshall

Associate Vice President - IDC Analytics and AI Practice

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Jose Sepulveda

Dr Jose Sepulveda

Director - I2CV Association

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Lim Wee-Kiat

Dr Lim Wee-Kiat

Senior Research Fellow at Asian Business Case Centre - Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University

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Mazlan Abbas

Dr Mazlan Abbas

CEO - Favoriot

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Michael Yang

Mr Michael Yang

Managing Director - SCU2 Labs Pte Ltd

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Pierre-Damien Berger

Dr Pierre-Damien Berger

National Secretary - IoT & Manufacturing Thematic Network, FrenchTech & CEA TECH-LETI

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Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar

Dr Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar

President, Chairman - Aeris, IET-IoT Panel

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Vinay Sachidananda

Dr Vinay Sachidananda

Research Scientist - Singapore University of Technology and Design

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Anthony Burke

Mr Anthony Burke

Assoc. Professor - University of Technology Sydney

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Arndt Husar

Mr Arndt Husar

Independent Consultant - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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Bob Gill

Mr Bob Gill

General Manager - ARC Advisory Group

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Colin Priest

Mr Colin Priest

Senior Director of Product Marketing - DataRobot

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Damien Kopp

Mr Damien Kopp

Chief Technology Officer - ENVOLVE DATA

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David Ivory

Mr David Ivory

Consultant Architect-Designer - HEAD Architecture & Design Limited

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Eric Long

Mr Eric Long

Director - IoT Service Product Marketing, Huawei, China

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Fariz Rahmansyah

Mr Fariz Rahmansyah

Consumer Products Value Advisor - Industries & Digital Leadership, SAP SEA

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Gregory Cornelius

Mr Gregory Cornelius

Managing Director - Modn Media & Founder of Protiotype Design Science Community

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Jake Saunders

Mr Jake Saunders

Managing Director and Vice President - Asia-Pacific & Advisory Services

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Jiten Hanwat

Mr Jiten Hanwat

Technology Lead - Blockchain, Digitization & Innovation - ANZ

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Jonathan Tan

Mr Jonathan Tan

Managing Director - UnaBiz Pte Ltd

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Jork Leonhardt

Mr Jork Leonhardt

Head of Operations -

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Jugal (JK) Sharma

Mr Jugal (JK) Sharma

Global IoT Leadership - Lenovo, USA

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Juvanus Tjandra

Mr Juvanus Tjandra

Partner - KPMG Consulting

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Keith Tan

Mr Keith Tan

CEO & Founder - Crown Group

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Kenneth Bok

Mr Kenneth Bok

Founder & CEO - Blocks

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Lau Shih Hor

Mr Lau Shih Hor

Councillor & Smart Nation Chapter Chairman &CEO - Elixir Technology Pte Ltd

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Low Aik Lim

Mr Low Aik Lim

Director of International Relations - CIO Academy Asia

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Low Hock Chuan

Mr Low Hock Chuan

Senior Solution Consultant - Dassault Systèmes

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Mart Kroodo

Mr Mart Kroodo

Co-Founder and CEO - 1oT, Estonia

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Martin Yates

Mr Martin Yates

Chief Technology Officer - South Asia and Emerging Markets, Dell Technologies Singapore Office

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Michael Sayre

Mr Michael Sayre

CEO & Co-Founder - Cognicept Systems

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Nitin Kumar

Mr Nitin Kumar

Deputy Managing Director - Fairwood Group, India

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Oliver Meili

Mr Oliver Meili

Head of IoT Development and Operations - Bosch Software Innovations

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Pankaj Lunia

Mr Pankaj Lunia

ASEAN Executive - IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

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Parminder Kakria

Mr Parminder Kakria

Co-Chair FICCI ICT and Digital Economy committee and Head Public Policy and Corporate Affairs - Wipro Limited

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Paul Jentzsch

Mr Paul Jentzsch

Business Developer -

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Philip Seow

Mr Philip Seow

Managing Director - Variantz Asia Pacific

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Poon King Wang

Mr Poon King Wang

Director - Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKY CIC), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

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Ryan Lee

Mr Ryan Lee

Director - Smart District Division, Jurong Town Corporation

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Salim Aslam

Mr Salim Aslam

IoT Solution Architect - Social Innovation Business, Hitachi Consulting

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Siegfried Chang

Mr Siegfried Chang

Director of Product Marketing - Emerging Business Division, MediaTek Inc., Taiwan

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Stephen Day

Mr Stephen Day

Business Transformation Consultant & Workshop Facilitator - The Innovation Factory

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Steve Ong

Mr Steve Ong

Co-founder and CEO - ProSpace Analytics

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Terence Teo

Mr Terence Teo

MD of Anewtech Systems & President - Singapore Industrial Automation Association

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Venkat Rajaraman

Mr Venkat Rajaraman

Chief Executive Officer - Cygni Energy Private Limited

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Vijayasimha Ajarananda

Mr Vijayasimha Ajarananda

CEO - Audicor Cardiometrics Pvt. Ltd

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Vishal Goyal

Mr Vishal Goyal

Senior Technical Marketing Manager - STMicroelectronics

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Fanny See

Ms Fanny See

Chief Operating Officer & CO-Founder - Detrack Systems

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Joelle Chen

Ms Joelle Chen

Director, Global Partnerships & Marketing - MANN+HUMMEL Group

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Kirsten Han

Ms Kirsten Han

Editor-in-Chief, Freelance Journalist - New Naratif

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Navita Myer

Ms Navita Myer

Director - Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Singapore Office

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Ong Geok Chwee

Ms Ong Geok Chwee

CEO - Bridge Alliance (Singapore)

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Saadia Muzaffar

Ms Saadia Muzaffar

Founder, Co-Founder - TechGirls Canada, Tech Reset Canada

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Simon Chesterman

Prof Simon Chesterman

Dean and Professor of Law, Editor - National University of Singapore, Asian Journal of International Law.

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Takako Hashimoto

Prof Takako Hashimoto

Vice President - Chiba University of Commerce and Director, Institute of Economic Research

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Yu Chien Siang

Prof Yu Chien Siang

Chief Innovation & Trust Officer - Amaris AI

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Vivy Suhendra

Dr Vivy Suhendra

Executive Director - Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium

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David Lee

Mr David Lee

Digital Commerce Lead, Senior Business Consultant & Lecturer - Singapore Institute of Retail Studies

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Kai Ren

Mr Kai Ren

Developer Relations Manager, APAC - Bluetooth Special Interest Group

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Opas Trithaveesak

Mr Opas Trithaveesak

Senior Researcher, Center for Cyber-Physical Systems - National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)

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Tay Kok Chin

Mr Tay Kok Chin

Chairman - Smart Cities Network

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Mei Guu

Ms Mei Guu

Chief Operating Officer - CyberLink

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Ranjani Rangan

Ms Ranjani Rangan

Director and COO - CPA Partnership Pte Ltd

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Yitina Liao

Ms Yitina Liao

Manager - Singapore Taiwan Industry Promotion Center (STIPC) Technovation Plus Team

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