We Heard You

IoT’s ability to bring value and benefits to governments, enterprises and individuals is widely known by now but the challenges of adoption, effective deployment and broader transformation remain.  

IoT Asia has been at the forefront of driving appreciation for what IoT can do.  Join us at our 2018 edition where we bring fresh focus to

  • How organisations can transform effectively to get value out of IoT
  • Applied perspectives on key IoT and other newer and emerging technologies 
  • Different approaches to collaborating and building partnerships, and 
  • What makes sense for adopters in different contexts on their pathways to transformation 

Pathways to Transformation

As the longest-running IoT event platform-of-choice in the region for showcasing new and ongoing developments in the IoT ecosystem, we bring you better and more critical insights into real issues, challenges and opportunities in IoT. 

Hear about the convergence and practical applications of newer technologies like 

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain Applications and Quantum Computing 

We bring you deeper insights into the real state of play of such leading-edge technologies and greater appreciation for their value and impact on more fundamental transformation initiatives that are driving us towards becoming Digital Economies and Digital Societies

The IoT Asia 2018 conference will see a new format:

21 March 2018 - Smart Cities Focus Day

Track 1: Government and enterprise projects, comparative case studies and highlights of solutions at city and regional levels

Track 2: Insights on end-user services development dimensions and eco-system engagement

Track 3: Technical Track offering deeper understanding of components comprising the IoT stack

22 March 2018 - Industrial IoT Focus Day

Track 1: Regional and international government and industry initiatives, highlights of key developments 

Track 2: Capability Development perspectives for industry, practical and test-bedding initiatives

Track 3: Technical Track offering deeper understanding of components comprising the IoT stack

What’s back by popular demand

  • Even more workshops across both days – on AI, Blockchain Applications, Design Approaches and others
  • Early morning Analyst Breakfast Meetings on 22 March 2018 

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