Institution Zone

Launched at IoT Asia 2016, the Institution Zone has always been a well-received feature at the exhibition. Professionals or students in Academia eager to showcase their IoT-related solutions can look forward to budget-friendly options. The ample business matching opportunities makes the platform ideal for those who are looking for corporate partners in Asia’s IoT community.

Start-Up Exchange

Aspiring IoT start-ups will be at this special area at the exhibition to showcase their new lab-to-market IoT solutions and technologies. Start-ups get to meet partners and investors consisting of state-owned enterprises and major corporations.

Group Pavilions

For the first time in IoT Asia history, 6 Group Pavilions will be out in full force at the exhibition:

  • Hungary (new!)
  • France
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia (new!)
  • South Korea (new!) and
  • Taiwan

Multi-track conference driven by community needs

Even as developments in artificial intelligence and augmented reality dominate media headlines, there is growing convergence of these technologies with IoT in applications for industry and enterprises. Such developments are on the leading edge of digital transformation and we aim to bring fresh insights into their real states of play, while also stirring our audiences toward a greater appreciation for the value of more fundamental digital transformation.

2018 conference will comprise 2 'Focus Days'

  • Smart Cities – highlighting not only project initiatives and developments from around the world but also digging deeper into their economic, civic and more far-reaching impacts for their surrounding regions.
  • Industrial IoT – industries and enterprises are in the front-lines of deploying IoT and demonstrating its value in performance and cost improvements. Challenges remain however, and this track will examine their experiences and the ongoing issues that call for industry-wide efforts and collaboration

Thank you for supporting IoT Asia 2018! The event returns on 27 to 28 March 2019 at Singapore EXPO. See you next year!