Updated as of 29 March 2017. Subject to changes at the Organisers' discretion.



9.00am - 9.10am

Joint Welcome Address by the Organisers

Oliver Tian, President, Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA) and Adrian Sng, General Manager (Events Business), SingEx Exhibitions Pte Ltd

9.10am - 9.20am

 Opening Address

IoT's Tipping Point: Moving Beyond the Technology

Charles Reed Anderson, Founder, Charles Reed Anderson & Associates and Conference Chair of IoT Asia 2017, Singapore

9.20am - 9.40am

Opening Keynote

Innovation, Evolution and Utility: Value at Stake for IoT

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation initiative, Republic of Singapore

9.40am - 11.00am

Leaders’ Dialogue

Agendas and Assurances for a Smarter Connected World

Moderator: Rob van Kranenburg, Founder, The IoT Council, Belgium

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation initiative, Republic of Singapore

Jordi Puigneró I Ferrer, Secretary for Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society, Government of Catalonia, Kingdom of Spain

Christopher Pook, Regional Director, Department for International Trade (DIT) and FCO Prosperity Network in South East Asia, British High Commission, Singapore

9.30am - 10.10am

Leading Intelligence with Imagination 

The evolution of computing drives industrial and societal change as each era of computing was triggered by a revolutionary new computing model. Today, GPU Deep Learning has ignited a new wave of computing where software can learn and machines can reason.  Eventually, there will be trillions of intelligent devices, all connected, powered by AI.  In the future, we’ll live in an AI city.  Simon will share amazing results of GPU deep learning triggered a global race to adopt AI for consumer internet devices – search, recognition, recommendation, translation and more.  AI is coming to enterprises in healthcare, finance, automotive, retail, manufacturing and more.  Deep Learning is helping to spark AI innovation and how we will increasingly make $ense in the connected world!

Dr Simon See, Chief Solution Architect and Director of NVIDIA AI APJ Technology Center, NVIDIA, Singapore 

10.10am - 10.35am

Keynote: Innovative Solutions for a Connected World

This keynote discusses emerging technologies and solutions being developed in response to, and now increasingly anticipating transformations in industry and society. These transformations are changing the way citizens and industries are leveraging technology and giving rise to new opportunities and challenges.  A corollary thread here is how new ecosystems will drive the next phase of innovation and development.

Sanket Amberkar, Vice President, Innovations and New Ventures, Flex, USA

10.35am - 11.15am

Networking Break

Track 2


Featuring use cases and solutions that disrupt traditional businesses e.g. smart city, industrial, healthcare, transport/ logistics, supply chain, consumer solutions, environment etc.

11.15am - 11.40am

Multi-Dimensional Approaches to Security 

This presentation provides insights into the development of end-to-end integrative IoT projects and initiatives that enable businesses to deliver security and value for customers, with case study highlights and examples.

Andy Wong, Senior Vice President, Avnet Design Solution and Segment Marketing, Asia 

11.40am - 12.05pm

Unlocking Massive Opportunities Through Interoperability of IoT Devices

This presentation provides an overview of Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), the world’s largest IoT standards group, its programs to enable the vision of interoperability through its IoTivity architecture, and initiatives for enabling the creation of secure solutions that map to a single open specification across multiple vertical markets.

Richard Brown, Vice President International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Taiwan

12.05pm - 12.30pm

Supporting Fishing Communities

This talk focuses on satellite-enabled IoT data communication services can enable new approaches for an industry & support the thriving of their relevant communities.

Steven Rutgers, IoT Director, Inmarsat Enterprise, Asia Pacific

12.30pm - 1.30pm

Networking Lunch

1.30pm - 1.55pm

Open IoT Platforms and Tools for Developing Smarter Cities 

This talk will highlight the use of technological solutions developed and deployed in several collaborative smart city projects between Europe and Asia, to demonstrate useful approaches in tackling growing urban challenges.

Dr Levent Gurgen, R&D Project Coordinator, CEA-LETI, France

1.55pm - 2.20pm

Getting Commercial Value from IoT in Smart Cities

Smart city initiatives and developments are proliferating around the world and likewise the pressure to demonstrate real outcomes not only for city residents but also commercially.  This presentation offers perspectives on models and propositions for deriving commercial value.

Gilbert Lennox-King, Head of Business Development, Demand Logic, UK 

2.20pm - 3.10pm

Panel Session: Building for Performance in IIoT

The panel will consider the importance of resilience in the context of massive connectivity, imperatives for business and services continuity; includes case studies of IoT service offerings in the public and/or industrial sectors, approaches and considerations in planning for performance and resiliency, role of SLAs, security, front-end procedures and implications for business processes.

Moderator: Bob Gill, General Manager, ARC Advisory Group, Southeast Asia

Nicolas Payen, Technologist, Innovator and Marketer, Singapore 

Jonas Berge, Director – Applied Technology, Emerson Automation Solutions, Singapore 

Amit Sharma, Vice President and Global Head - Digital, Tech Mahindra, India

3.10pm - 4.00pm

Networking Break

4.00pm - 4.25pm

Assimilating Innovation: A Case of Organisational Adaptation with IoT

Insights from an organisation’s assimilation of IoT with existing capabilities, impact on business, risks and unexpected outcomes.

Lai Yeow Hin, Business Development Director, General Electric ASEAN 

4.25pm - 4.50pm

Disruptive Innovation Opportunities in Logistics

This presentation considers IoT’s value for individuals, how needs evolve, what’s important, value of personal data/ privacy, implications for personal control and autonomy. 

Timothy Kooi, Innovation Leader | Director, Data Analytics, DHL

4.50pm - 5.30pm


Closing Keynote: Augmenting the Human for a Tech-Accentuated World

(With 'live' chip implant demonstration - First at a technology event in Singapore!)

This closing keynote examines our place as human beings in an increasingly technology-accentuated and driven world, with questions about our performance and reliance on technologies in all aspects of life. This talk aims to spur our thoughts and imagination on how we might evolve along with technologies to better communicate with intelligent machines. This keynote will consider the nature of our reliance and what we may have to consider or prepare for to mitigate outcomes.

Hannes Sjoblad, Chief Disruption Officer, Epicenter Stockholm, Sweden  

5.30pm - 5.35pm

Closing Remarks and 2018 Announcement by Conference Chair