Updated as of 19 February 2017. Subject to changes at the Organisers' discretion.

9.00am - 9.20am

Welcome and Opening Address

IoT's Tipping Point: Moving Beyond the Technology

Charles Reed Anderson, Founder, Charles Reed Anderson and Associates and Conference Chair of IoT Asia 2017, Singapore

9.20am - 10.00am

Opening Keynote

Innovation, Evolution and Utility: Value at Stake for IoT

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation initiative, Republic of Singapore

10.00am - 11.20am

Leaders’ Dialogue

Agendas and Assurances for a Smarter Connected World

Moderator: Rob van Kranenburg, Founder, The IoT Council, Belgium

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation initiative, Republic of Singapore

Jordi Puigneró I Ferrer, Secretary for Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society, Government of Catalonia, Spain

9.30am - 10.10am 

Keynote Leading Intelligence With Imagination

This keynote will consider what and how IoT could be experienced in future as a demo of how its value proposition could evolve, along with consideration of the applications and implications for how individuals, societies and organisations live and function, the economic/psychological/social/inter-personal adjustments we may have to increasingly make, and perhaps also new opportunities and meanings that IoT/technology can engender.

10.10am - 10.35am

Keynote: Innovative Solutions for a Connected World

This keynote discusses emerging technologies and solutions being developed in response to, and now increasingly anticipating transformations in industry and society. These transformations are changing the way citizens and industries are leveraging technology and giving rise to new opportunities and challenges.  A corollary thread here is how new ecosystems will drive the next phase of innovation and development.

Sanket Amberkar, Vice President, Innovations and New Ventures, Flex, USA

10.35am - 11.15am

Networking Break

Track 3


Organisations that have transformed their business or practices e.g. through design thinking, strategy, client case studies from solution integrators, agencies.

11.15am - 12.30pm

Panel Session: The View from the C-Suite – Inputs Toward a Future Economy

Discussions on C-suite perspectives of the role of disruptive technologies like IoT as key elements towards building a future digital economy, the challenges and implications for enterprises e.g. moves to be taken on standards and interoperability issues, cybersecurity, defining value/ROI, internal transformation and talent, the changing face of stakeholders in the conversation going forward.

Rama Purushotaman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, CIO Academy Asia and Partners 

12.30pm - 1.30pm

Networking Lunch

1.30pm - 2.20pm

Panel Session: Driving Disruption Agendas – Key Priorities on the IoT Journey

This panel will discuss approaches to identifying key priorities and indicators/metrics for IoT-led business transformation, with reference to case studies and lessons learnt, relevant best practices and possible frameworks etc.

Moderator: Dr Satish Lele, Senior Vice President, Automation and Electronics, Frost & Sullivan, APAC​

2.20pm - 2.45pm

Transitioning a Traditional Industry Towards a Transformed M.O.

Case study of an enterprise’s transformation journey, what it entailed and the lessons learnt.

Nicolas Payen, Director, Global IoT Lab, MANN+HUMMEL, Singapore

2.45pm - 3.10pm

Assimilating Innovation: A Case of Organisational Adaptation with IoT

Insights from an organisation’s assimilation of IoT with existing capabilities, impact on business, risks and unexpected outcomes.

3.10pm - 4.00pm

Networking Break

4.00pm - 4.50pm

Panel Session: Perspectives on Data as an Asset -Uses and Governance Issues

This panel will address evolving views and approaches to data use, how organisations/ industries are deriving value, corresponding issues of data asset management/governance, best practices and frameworks with the advent of emerging uses e.g. AI.

Waltraut Ritter, Principal, Knowledge Dialogues, Hong Kong

4.50pm - 5.30pm

Closing Keynote: Recalibrating the Human in a Tech-Accentuated World

Topic addresses how we will think and act as society increasingly relies on technologies and algorithms in all areas of life e.g. communicating with intelligent machines or robots on a day-to-day basis both in the workplace and at home, growing reliance on ‘black-box’ technologies etc.  This keynote will raise questions about the nature this reliance, what it means to be a ‘smart consumer’ in future, what we should be considering to prepare for or mitigate outcomes. 

5.30pm -  5.35pm

Closing Remarks and 2018 Announcement by Conference Chair