Updated as of 5 January 2017. Subject to changes at the Organisers' discretion.

11.20 am - 11.50 am

Networking Break

11.50 am - 12.15 pm

Keynote: Reshaping Possibilities and Redefining the Meaning of Value

The presentation will essentially address the evolution of “value” and what it means in the IoT space i.e. from mere connectivity to more complex and integrated solutions with layered capabilities that enable not only data insights but also actionable machine learning-based intelligence. This keynote will highlight some of the increasingly mature and sophisticated capabilities of partnership solutions with examples from industry or smart city projects, how they illustrate IoT’s ability to enable and generate value in monetary terms for businesses but also allow businesses to redefine value in terms of intelligence, capability development and readiness/ability to scale, innovate and collaborate to face growing societal and industry challenges.

12.15 pm - 12.40 pm

Keynote: Multiplying the Eco-System Effect

This topic stresses the need for partnerships and collaborations, examples of successful cross-sector or industry alliances and their outcomes, and why this eco-systemic approach is more important than ever is in face of common threats and challenges.

12.40 pm - 1.30 pm

Networking Lunch

Track 2


Featuring use cases and solutions that disrupt traditional businesses e.g. Smart City, Industrial, Healthcare, Transport/ Logistics, Supply Chain, Consumer Solutions, Environment etc.

1.30 pm - 1.55 pm

Imperatives for Connective Cities

This presentation will consider smart city projects around the world, imperatives for connectivity and coordination for effective service and function.

1.55 pm - 2.20 pm

Driving Data Intelligence for Impact

This talk segues into the transport services perspective of smart cities, how integrated end-to-end solutions in mobility rely on data for necessary insights for current and future planning.

2.20 pm - 2.45 pm

Multi-Dimension Approaches to Security 

This presentation covers the dimensions of security considerations in smart city and other contextual applications, solutions and advances, the role of alliance initiatives, standards, challenges etc.

2.45 pm - 3.10 pm

Readying for the Emerging Consumer Landscape

Highlights of use cases and case studies of consumer-facing IoT deployments, how and why they are successful, implications for industry segments with end-consumer.

3.10 pm - 3.35 pm

Centring on Value Outcomes

Taking the view that end-users are key arbiters of IoT’s value, this talk will highlight solutions developed from this perspective, issues and implications for businesses/industry.

3.35 pm - 4.15 pm

Networking Break

4.15 pm - 4.40 pm

Keynote: Extending the Industrial Revolution - Where Industry 4.0 meets IoT

This panel will cover IIoT developments and national initiatives around the world e.g. I4.0 and China 2025, industrial uses of robotics, augmented reality, reconfigurable production lines and warehousing, product customisation, challenges etc.

4.40 pm - 5.30 pm

 Closing Panel Session: Establishing Foundations for Partnerships: Whither the Role of Trusted Third Parties?

This panel will consider possible frameworks and means for enabling collaborations and partnerships e.g. third party mechanisms for privacy, security, safe custody, data trading etc.  The panel also includes discussion of emerging and newer means and solutions e.g. distributed ledger systems.

5.30 pm - 6.00 pm

Keynote: Towards a More Mature Eco-System in a Higher Stakes IoT Landscape

This keynote is a call-to-action of sorts i.e. focus on what needs to happen for IoT to progress e.g. standards, addressing risks and security etc.

6.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Networking Reception


8.00 am - 9.30 am

Analyst Breakfast Meetings

9.30 am - 10.10 am

Keynote : Recalibrating the Human – Navigating in a Tech-Accentuated World

Topic addresses how we will think and act as society increasingly relies on technologies and algorithms in all areas of life e.g. communicating with intelligent machines or robots on a day-to-day basis both in the workplace and at home, growing reliance on ‘black-box’ technologies etc.  Keynote will raise questions about the nature this reliance, what it means to be a ‘smart consumer’ in future, what we should be considering to prepare for or mitigate outcomes.

10.10 am - 10.35 am

Keynote: Innovative Solutions for an Agile World

This keynote considers emerging solutions developed in response to and now increasingly leading changes in society and industry and how they exemplifies ways in which broader industry should rise to meet challenges and needs.  A corollary thread here is how human-centric approaches should drive new innovations and developments.